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The Paladin is a powerful character against monsters and bosses, and against other characters if you are using a Hammerdin.

Common Paladin buildsEdit

Auradins, Chargers and FoHers are mostly duelers rather than PvM (Player versus Monster). The only downside is that they need expensive gear, but they help a lot when they are on your team. Also, they can be a real help when you use them for your own adventage in duels.

The most notable ability of a Paladin is his ability to use offensive or defensive auras to either augment his allies or weaken his enemies. Although he is only able to have one activated at a time (assuming he does not use an aura-on-equip runeword), they can be a tide turner in many battles where vital attributes such as resistance or mana (for spellcasters) are lacking.

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