Pandemonium Diablo in Uber Tristram

Pandemonium Diablo is found only in Uber Tristram, at the culmination of the Pandemonium Event. Vastly stronger than the Diablo players encounter at the end of Act IV, Pandemonium Diablo possesses far higher statistics, including hit points, damage, and resistances, as well as several new skills.

Beware his Bone Prison; it is difficult to destroy and can imprison a player or minion for quite a while. He regenerates hit points at twice the normal rate, and has an ungodly number of them to begin with. The Red Lightning Hose deals half physical, half lightning damage.

The biggest difference the player notices is that this version of Diablo now has much higher life, much higher resistances, more powerful attacks, and Armageddon. He also regenerates life at twice the normal rate.


  • Fire Nova - An expanding ring of fire, similar to his Act IV appearance.
  • Red Lightning Hose - Another move borrowed from his Act IV encounter, this pink spray of doom deals half lightning and half physical damage.
  • Cold Touch - Chills and slows players without proper equipment. (Can not be frozen.)
  • Fire Wall - Just exactly like the Sorceress's spell of the same name, this creates a very damaging wall of flame to torment heroes foolish enough to stand in the fire.
  • Firestorm - Diablo's special moving firewall attack, this snakes along and deals huge damage to anything nearby.
  • Bone Prison - Diablo targets stationary characters and especially town portals with this form of entrapment.
  • Charge - Dropping to all fours, Diablo races in to close the distance. He is highly vulnerable in this mode, losing his blocking, so quite a few hits can be scored if he does it while chilled or slowed by a Decrepify curse.
  • Armageddon - Just like the Druid skill, this rains fireballs down all around Diablo, damaging any players in the vicinity.

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