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  • Corrects the NULL cell buffer errors and other draw problems
  • Fixes intermittent crash in Join Game screen
  • Fixes data corruption problem which could cause a player to get locked out of when creating a new channel
  • Improves error handling for dropped network packets
  • Provides more descriptive messages when unable to join a game
  • Fixes the problem with some equipped items not being seen by other players in multiplayer games
  • Prevents Lazarus's red portal from disappearing after leaving his lair
  • Fixes the Level Advance Indicator remaining on screen after character attributes are maxed
  • Fixes inaccurate display of game creation time
  • Games shown in the list of public games on will not disappear anymore. The list will be refreshed only if the user closes and reopens the Join Game dialog.
  • Fixes problem with soundcards that do not support the Set Format command (i.e. ESS1888)
  • Fixes problems writing to system registry
  • Numerous fixes to item integrity
    Note: With this patch, when the game detects duplicate items they will be removed from the game.
  • Improves error correction related to line noise in modem games

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