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For other subjects with similar names, see Patriarch.

"I must carry out the Will of the Patriarchs. Where they need to see, I am their eyes. Where they wish to strike, I am their fist. Where they would ignite the Light of Truth, I am their torch."

A Monk(src)

The Patriarchs are the heads of the Sahptev religion and the supreme rulers of Ivgorod. They are nine in number, and are said to be reincarnations of the nine humans chosen by the gods to rule over the kingdom. Four are dedicated to Order, four to Chaos, and one remains neutral. Always, the Patriarchs seek to maintain the balance of the world. Their will is enacted through the Monks of Ivgorod.[1]

Female Patriarchs are called Matriarchs.[2]

During the End of Days, three of the Patriarchs, including Anisim, were killed in battle with the Reapers. Anisim himself, in his afterlife, helped the Nephalem Monk achieve their goal of defeating Malthael.[3]

Known PatriarchsEdit


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