For similarly named creatures, see Wraith.

Wraiths (a.k.a. Haunts, Revenants or Phantoms) are a type of undead enemy in Diablo III.



Wraith assaulting a Monk

Wraiths bear resemblance to the Ghosts of Diablo II. They are mostly encountered in Act I and Act II. They have a melee slashing attack, and a ranged life drain attack as well. Characters under such an attack suffer a substantial penalty to their movement speed. Their channeled ranged attack has a significant cooldown time and limited radius, but deals considerable damage over a few seconds.

Another notable trait of Wraiths is their ability to freely phase through walls, obstacles and other impassable terrain, which they often use to circle around player in attempt to avoid attacks. Use of damage cooldowns is not recommended, as Wraiths will just spread out at will.

Act V VariantsEdit



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This article contains information that is no longer relevant to gameplay, but is kept here for informational purposes.

Wraiths were seen emerging from Ghostly Orbs in the WWI 2008 gameplay trailer.[1]


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