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Resistances are a set of values displayed on the Character Screen. They are numerical values that can resist a percentage of damage from various elemental attacks: Fire, Cold, Lightning, Arcane/Holy/Magic, and Poison.

For example, if a character's Fire resistance is 12, all incoming Fire damage the player receives is reduced by 12%.

General InformationEdit

In order to gain resistances, the player must equip items that grant the character a bonus towards his/her resistances. In most cases, this must be done with items of Magic quality or better. However, in Diablo II/Lord of Destruction, certain class-specific items like the Paladin's shields and the Necromancer's Shrunken Heads may have innate mods that grant resistances. The Paladin Shields increase all resistances, while the Shrunken Heads give the Necromancer Poison resistance.


Resistances are first seen in Diablo/Hellfire in the form of Magic, Fire, and Lightning. These values cap out at 75%, with the word 'MAX' appearing when the hero reached that cap.

It should be warned that no one but the Barbarian from Hellfire can ever amass a form of resistance without aid from equipment. This results in players finding 2 good pieces of equipment for resistances most of the time; without them, the various magics at work in the later levels will annihilate the hero, no matter his Vitality. Fortunately, there is no resistance penalties for progressing into Nightmare/Hell difficulty levels.

Diablo II/Lord of DestructionEdit

The Paladin, Assassin, and Barbarian have their share of advantages when it comes to resistances. The Paladin's Resist Fire, Resist Cold, Resist Lightning and Salvation Auras can help him increase his and the nearby party's resistances temporarily. Upon use of the skill Fade, an Assassin gains a bonus to her resistances, among some other benefits. The Barbarian has the skill Natural Resistance to increase his own resistances permanently.

Resistances can also be permanently increased by a Scroll of Resistance created by powerful healers like Malah in Harrogath. In Diablo II, it increases all resistances by 10.

Minimum ResistanceEdit

A character's base resistance varies with each difficulty:

For Diablo II:

For Diablo II: Lord of Destruction, the penalty was increased:

Having a negative resistance value increases the amount of damage a character or creature receives.

The Paladin's Conviction Aura and Necromancer's Lower Resist Curse can also lower resistances by a set amount. The lowest value of all resistances is -100.

Maximum ResistanceEdit

A character's default maximum resistance value is 75%, although certain Unique items and the Paladin's Resistance aura synergies can raise that number as high as 95%, the cap for resistances. Therefore, a character can never become totally immune to elemental attacks with resistance alone. However, with the help of integer absorb effects, (not percentage absorb effects) a character can reduce elemental damage to zero, or even heal from it.

Elemental ResistancesEdit

There are 4 types of elemental resistances a player can acquire:

  • Fire
  • Cold (Reduces damage taken and freeze duration.)
  • Lightning
  • Poison (Reduces damage taken and poison duration.)


Absorption is a special modifier that's closely related to resistances and can greatly enhance them. See its article for more information.

Diablo IIIEdit

Resistances return in Diablo III, however, they have been heavily reworked. The penalties for progressing in harder difficulty levels are no more, and the resistances themselves have a rating system. Much like Armor, resistances lower damage dealt by the element they have control over.

There are a couple things to take into consideration about Resistances:

  • 1 point of Resistance is equal to 10 points of Armor.
  • Intelligence adds to a hero's Resistance rating at the rate of 10 Intelligence per one 'whole' point.
  • Certain skills can add a percentage bonus to a hero's resistance rating, further improving his/her protection from the elements.
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