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Several species of giant arachnids inhabit the jungle regions of Kehjistan. One of the most deadly of these spiders, the Poison Spinner, is found not far from the city of Kurast. Even in their largest forms, the giant arachnids had never been much of a problem for the inhabitants of the tropical forests. The Prime Evils have changed them, however, as large numbers of the spiders now actively seek meals of the human variety. These creatures are highly poisonous and generally have fatal bites. They are also unique in that they will rarely attack unless provoked. It will only take minor damage, however, to make them hostile.

Spiders Spin Webs and have 50% faster health regeneration than normal monsters.

Poison Spinners have a chance to deal Poison damage.

Evil Spider
ArachPoison SpinnerFlame SpiderSpider Magus

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