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Class: Demon Hunter
Required Level: 13
Skill Category: Hunting
Cooldown: 45 seconds

Instantly restores 30 Discipline.

Damage Type: Physical
Other Stats: Does not interrupt casting; Can be cast on the move

Preparation is a Hunting Demon Hunter skill in Diablo III.


When activated, instantly restores 30 Discipline. Normally, it is 100% of the Demon Hunter's maximum capacity.


  • Invigoration: in addition to activated effect, also passively increases maximum Discipline by 20.
  • Punishment: reduces cooldown to 20 seconds and no longer restores Discipline. Instead, instantly restores 75 Hatred.
  • Battle Scars: regain 40% of maximum Life when using Preparation, in addition to normal effect.
  • Focused Mind: gain 45 Discipline over 15 seconds instead of restoring it immediately (stacks with normal Discipline regeneration).
  • Backup Plan: there is a 30% chance that Preparation's cooldown will not be triggered.

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