The Primus or Grand Priest of the Temple of the Triune is the highest position of the Triune cult. The Primus rules the Triune from the main temple in Kehjan, usually by conveying orders to the three High Priests - his most trusted (mortal) servants.

The Primus had angular features and green eyes; he had long, flowing hair of silver and a short, trimmed beard that matched it. He was taller and stronger-looking than most man, but moved with a practical gentleness.[1]

In truth, the Primus was but a disguise of the demon Lucion, who secretly tried to establish a foothold for the Burning Hells on Sanctuary. After his 'death', the form of the Primus was used by both Lilith and the arachnid demon Astrogha.

In Diablo III, one may find the Crown of the Primus.


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