"I was recently in Khanduras, where my tents were ransacked by vicious quill fiends! I was able to beat them off with a shoe, but a less bold man would've fared far worse."

Abd al-Hazir(src)

A Quill Fiend

Quill Fiends are animal-type monsters encountered in Diablo III.


Icy quillback

Icy Quillback

Quill Fiends are encountered in Acts I and III. They usually rely on hit-and-run-tactics, attacking from range with their quill-darts and scurrying of to safety when you close into melee range. Like with other monsters, it's not unusual to encounter them in small packs. Similar to the Spike Fiends of Diablo II, these creatures fire quills that can be dodged.

In Ruins of Sescheron, Ice Porcupines, a more vicious variant, can be encountered.


Quillfiend fire

A Quill Fiend firing a quill from its back.

  • Fire Quill: the Quill Fiend fires multiple quills from its back. Quills arc in a more or less straight line and move fast.

Tips and Additional InformationEdit

Quill Fiends are mostly just a nuisance and do not pose a serious threat. Should you encounter multiple Fiends however, they can quickly shower you with quills, steadily draining your health.

Quill fiend


Catching Quill Fiends can prove quite a task. It's often best to stun/root them into place, shoot them from afar or use skills as Leap to quickly close the distance. Quill Fiends do not have a large health-pool, nor any mentionable resistances.



This section contains facts and trivia relevant to this article.
  • In one of the cellars on the path from New Tristram to Old Tristram, one may find a nest of Quill Fiends with a few young specimens. If Eirena is taken as a follower, she will comment on that, saying she thought them to be more adorable.

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