Raekor's Burden is a Pauldrons piece of The Legacy of Raekor set in Diablo III.

They only drop at character level 70, and only at Torment difficulty. Note that these can only be worn by Barbarians.

Stats (Level 70)Edit


Raekor's Burden
Set Pauldrons

  • 586-674 Armor


Set Bonuses:

  • Furious Charge refunds a charge if it only hits one enemy (2 items)
  • Furious Charge gains the effect of every rune and deals 1000% increased damage (4 items)
  • Every cast of Furious Charge grants a stacking effect that increases the damage of the next Fury-spending attack by 2800%. Every cast of a Fury-spending attack consumes up to 5 stacks (6 items)
This fearsome set of spaulders is the symbol of the Oxen Tribe warmaster. Raekor stripped them from the fallen body of her commander and donned them herself in order to lead her tribe's warriors to victory during the sacking of the Samauren Empire's capital.