The Rakkisguard is the city guard of Westmarch.


Both men and women serve in the Rakkisguard. They consist of archers and shieldmen. Officers bear the sigil of the Rakkisguard (a wolf), and can be distinguished by their wolf pelts. The guard can be distinguished by their red and white plate armor.

The guard was decimated by the Reapers when they attacked Westmarch—many of its members were raised as undead revenants in the Reapers' thrall. A number of Rakkisguard were able the secure the Survivors Enclave. Outside this area, various guards continued to fight the Reapers, and were aided by the Nephalem. Of note, some Rakkisguard sided with Lord Wynton as he attempted to seize power.[1]


The Rakkisguard are represented by Westmarch Soldiers in Act V of Diablo III. They mostly appear as friendly NPCs, or in one event, as enemies. Rakkisguard items can be worn by the player's character.

Known MembersEdit


Many of these members were resurrected by the Reapers.


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  • They are likely named after Rakkis, the founder of Westmarch.


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