Reanimated Horde artwork

Whenever Baal needs vast numbers of troops to lay siege to any stronghold determined to resist him, he musters the Reanimated Horde. These undead minions are the twisted souls of dead soldiers whose hearts turned black while still in life and have now been given a new existence in the service of Baal. Chosen from only the strongest and most fearsome of warriors, the members of the Reanimated Horde can be distinguished from normal skeletons by their greater size and vicious charging attack. When you encounter a member of this dark army, kill it and make sure it stays down; they have the nasty habit of refusing to remain dead.

The Reanimated Horde are considerably more deadly than normal skeleton warriors in terms of attack and defense (they have no magic attacks though) and can deal serious damage when in larger groups of 6 or more.

Caution is recommended when fighting against them as even if they are dispatched, they come back to life several more times; often surprising the player from behind if other monsters keep him/her focused on them.

Reanimated Horde
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