For the mechanics of Life and Mana recovery, see Life Regeneration and Mana Regeneration.

Regeneration is a suffix that can appear on Magic and Rare Items. It provides a small Replenish Life bonus.

It can start spawning on items at Item Level 1, but will not be able to spawn on all items with full effect until level 70.

The formula for how much life is actually replenished comes fairly close to .1 life per second for every Replenish Life, or 1 life every 10 seconds.


Replenish Life +3-5

Can appear on: Magic Items, Rare Items
Is available on: Amulets, Belts, Circlets, Rings, Scepters, Gloves, Shields, Body Armor, Weapons, Boots

+ Life — JackalFoxWolfTigerMammothColossusSquidWhale
Life Stolen — LeechLocustLamprey
Life Regeneration — RegenerationRegrowthRevivification
+ Life Per Level — CentaurElephant
+ Life — SpiritHope
Life Regeneration — Honor
+ Life — LifeSustenanceVita

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