Renit the Dark Stalker is a character in Hand of Naz, part of Tales of Sanctuary, a comic set in the Diablo universe. He is a Barbarian, who fights in Daken-Shar with his people against the demon army, but his side loses the battle. He's the only one left of his tribe, be it by skill or luck. Soon after, he meets Cairo, a female Necromancer, and together they set out to find the ancient artifact Hand of Naz in the Castle of Kanemith, but a curse is wrought upon them, and soon they find themselves surrounded by undead and Renit escapes with the Hand of Naz, leaving Cairo to die there. Renit then uses the Hand of Naz to create a spectral army to have his revenge against the demon army, but his plan backfires when after destroying the army completely, the specter of a dead king comes from the spectral army and kills Renit. Afterward, Cairo resurrects Renit, and reveals herself to be not an apprentice Necromancer, but rather a master, member of the Bright Circle. She then grabs the Hand of Naz and destroys the Jewel of Naz encrusted in it, gaining the knowledge of all those who were tempted by the artifact and became part of the spectral army, and leaves, saying to Renit they shall never meet again.

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