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The Replenish Life magical attribute allows a character's life to be slowly refilled over time. Unlike mana, which is based on maximum mana, Replenish Life is a set value.

The formula for how much life is actually replenished is as follows (where "N" = Replenish Life value):

(25 * N) / 256 = Life Gained Per Second

This comes out to being fairly close to .1 (.09765625 to be exact) life per second for every Replenish Life, or N life every 10 seconds. To name examples of this (hypothetical for most, as they are legitimately impossible), if a Barbarian wanted potion-like healing all the time, he would need approximately Replenish Life +120 for the effectiveness of a Minor Healing Potion, +240 for Light, +400 for Regular, +720 for Greater, and +1,280 for Super, assuming none of those were critical heals.

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