"As Malthael has imbued them with the ability to sense the living, revenant archers do not rely on their vision to find their targets. There is no place safe from their sightless gaze. They will find you through stone, wood, and even the ground itself. And once they have their quarry, they do not miss."
Lorath Nahr[1]
Revenant Archer

A Revenant Archer

Revenant Archers are a type of undead Reaper.[1]


Revenant Archers are found in Act V of Diablo III, along with Nephalem Rifts. They often work in tandem with Revenant Shield Guards. They are the empowered version of regular Skeleton Archers, but are tougher and deal more damage. Compared to Summoned Archers, Revenant Archers are more durable, but less dangerous overall.



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