"The revenant shield guards were once the personal guard of King Justinian IV. Appointed to the position for bravery and skill at arms, they accompanied the king at all times, resplendent in their ornate armor, wrought by the finest craftsmen in Westmarch. But most spectacular were their shields, which they unerringly employed in the protection of their king."

Lorath Nahr(src)

A Revenant Shield Guard

Revenant Shield Guards are a type of undead Reaper enemy in Diablo III.

Like Summoned Shield Guards, they are actually using their shields, which results in greater defense (due to Blocks) and lower speed, and their blows also deal extra Cold damage.

Remember that Blocks do not work against Damage Over Time attacks. Unlike those of Skeletal Shieldbearers, their shields do not break from attacks.


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