"I watched in horror as the guard was struck by the maiden's magic. I heard the sound of his screams until his flesh had dissolved to nothing, and only his armor-clad skeleton remained, his jaw unhinged. Blue mist swirled around his bones, coalescing into new flesh. When at last I cut him down, the phantasmal flesh exploded, leaving only a pile of armor behind."
Lorath Nahr[1]

A Revenant Soldier

Revenant Soldiers are a type of undead Reaper enemy in Diablo III.

These are the simplest of Reaper forces, and do not possess any special abilities, except for that they count as Reapers rather than Undead. They are tougher and stronger than average Skeleton. Westmarch Royal Guards found across the city, as well as surviving citizens, will often be brutally transformed into Revenants on sight.



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