For this Roland's apprentice, see Roland (Kalden).

"My master believed salvation knows no bounds. I was a soul to be saved, so he saved me. That is why I proudly bear his name. The name of a great man."

Roland's apprentice(src)

Roland was a name borne by a Crusader.


Roland met the man who would be his apprentice in Kalden, rescuing him from the fighting pits.[1]

The apprentice was an obstinate one—it was such obstinance that, in the apprentice's mind, caused Roland's death.[2] As per Crusader tradition the apprentice took up his master's namesake, later reflecting on him fondly in a memoir.[3]

A Crusader named Roland (although not clear which of them) traveled with Inhora, Drakon and Haull, sharing knowledge and wine.[4]


Roland provides the namesake of the Roland's Legacy item set in Diablo III.


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