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Run/Walk refers to the movement speed at which a character can run or walk, measured in yards per second

Default walking speed is 4 y/s, running increases your speed by 2 y/s. The Paladin skill, Charge defaults to 9 y/s, but is not influenced by items that change Run/Walk speed.

The limit on reduced speed for Run/Walk is 1 y/s, running speed is calculated by your theoretical walking speed, so it can fall below 3 y/s, but is also prevented from falling under 1 y/s. Note however, there is no lower limit on Charge, meaning you can charge in reverse if you are slowed below 0 y/s.

Faster Run/WalkEdit

Items that provide a faster Run/Walk bonus come with diminishing returns, meaning that the higher it gets, the less of an increase you are gaining.

Skills modify your base speed (4 y/s) and provide their full listed effects without diminishing returns. Skills will also affect Charge speed.

Armor TypesEdit

Body Armor and Shields come in three weight Types: Light, Medium, and Heavy.

  • Light armor has no negative influence on your speed.
  • Medium armor will decrease your Run/Walk by -0.2 y/s and Charge by -0.45 y/s.
  • Heavy armor will decrease your Run/Walk by -0.4 y/s and Charge by -0.9 y/s.

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