"The original Diablo was the first Blizzard game I played as a civilian and I immediately noticed how the music was not what I expected. It totally worked, and was not only accepted as a soundtrack for a game but also went on to become a huge part of the Diablo universe."

Russel Brower(src)

Russel Brower was the Senior Director of Audio and a composer at Blizzard Entertainment.

Prior to joining Blizzard in 2005, Brower worked in animation and storytelling. He composed the soundtrack for Diablo III. Among his works was the score for Act II, and the soundtrack "Leah" (so named after the character), which he wrote in twenty minutes. Brower has commented that he was drawn to Leah's character, as he was going through a rough period in his life at the time, and saw parallels in her own journey.[1]


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