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For the Diablo II Paladin skill, see Sacrifice (Diablo II).
Sacrifice screenshot
Witch Doctor sacrificing a Zombie Dog
DanrrAdded by Danrr

The Witch Doctor's Sacrifice skill sacrifices all summoned zombie dog. The sacrificed dogs explode, dealing a percentage of your weapon damage to all monsters within range.

Witch Doctor Skills
Primary Skills
Poison DartCorpse SpidersPlague of ToadsSkull of Flame

Secondary Skills
Grasp of the DeadFirebatsHauntLocust Swarm
Defensive Skills
Summon Zombie DogsHorrifySpirit WalkHex
Soul HarvestSacrificeMass Confusion
Zombie ChargerSpirit BarrageAcid CloudWall of Zombies
GargantuanBig Bad VoodooFetish Army
Passive Skills
Jungle FortitudeCircle of LifeSpiritual AttunementGruesome FeastBlood RitualBad Medicine
Zombie HandlerPierce the VeilSpirit VesselFetish SycophantsRush of EssenceVision Quest
Fierce LoyaltyGrave InjusticeTribal Rites

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