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"During the Mage Clan Wars, the Vizjerei summoned giant demons to guard their estates. After years of patrolling the desert sands, the demons' hides became thick as stone and caked with grit. In the end, they have outlived their masters. Now only the glowing runes on their skulls belie their true origins."
Deckard Cain

A Sand Dweller

Sand Dwellers (a.k.a. Sand Golems) are demon enemies encountered in Diablo III, Act II.



A molten variant from Archives

Sand Dwellers are slow, but large and tough sandstone constructs with the glowing glyphs etched in their foreheads. They hit very hard in melee, and in addition, are often hiding beneath the sand, ambushing the player (they take some time to emerge, though, so it's possible to run away in time, or just damage them before they can react). The elite variants can be seen by their aura circles being visible, but until they emerge, they are immune to all attacks.

They can also invoke a shield of whirling sand that protects them from missiles (but not torrents or beams), reflecting those and even making them hurt the attacker, should they meet their own projectiles. The only exception are homing missiles (like Hungering Arrows) that can, once reflected, retarget and hit the Dweller again.

Sand Golem

Original artwork


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