Sand Maggots lay Sand Maggot Eggs. They are often gray and orange in color, and have pulsing motions. After a short duration, the egg bursts open and a couple of Sand Maggot Young crawl out. Sand Maggots can lay an incredible amount of eggs in only a few minutes, so it is best to destroy both of them. A couple of eggs can lead to the hatching of a flood of Sand Maggot Young.

There are four other variants of the Sand maggot Egg: Rock Worm Egg, Devourer Egg, Giant Lamprey Egg, and Blood Maggot Egg. It should be noted that higher level Eggs spawn more young.


The gestation period for these strange creatures is amazingly short, so usually it is only the remains of the egg that are found. Should a wandering adventurer stumble across an unhatched egg, it is best to destroy it immediately before the monsters inside burst forth and attack the unwary.