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Sankekur, possessed by the Lord of Hatred.

Sankekur was Khalim's successor as the next Que-Hegan, and believed by Natalya to be among the most powerful mortals on earth. He was in control of thousands of fanatical worshippers and eventually became the host of Mephisto himself when the Lord of Hatred corrupted the Zakarum archbishops. A letter from Sankekur to Lazarus suggests that the Supreme Patriarch was not yet Mephisto's host when Diablo began to corrupt the archbishop, although, it is possibly Mephisto had already taken root in Sankekur's soul and was simply posing as the concerned Que-Hegan. Sankekur was finally killed (although arguably he had actually died long before due to his corruption) when the group of heroes chasing Diablo besieged Travincal and slew both the High Council and the Lord of Hatred. Following his death and the rest of the Council, it is unknown if the Zakarum faithful ever elected a new leader.

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