For the magic prefix, see Sapphire.

Sapphires are gems, and are socketable items. They are blue.

Like all other Gems, Sapphires give bonuses that are related to their color. The Blue in Sapphires signifies the Elemental power of Cold. In Weapons and Shields it adds bonuses related to cold, and in helms and body armor it increases mana, which is also associated with the color blue.

Weapons: Adds Cold Damage
Shields: Adds Resistance to Cold
Helms and Body Armor: Adds to Maximum Mana

Note: The Freeze durations are cumulative.

Gem Level Weapons Shield Helms/Body Armor
1 1-3 Cold Damage
1.0 sec Duration
12% Resist Cold +10 Max Mana
5 3-5 Cold Damage
1.4 sec Duration
16% Resist Cold +17 Max Mana
12 4-7 Cold Damage
2.0 sec Duration
22% Resist Cold +24 Max Mana
15 6-10 Cold Damage
2.4 sec Duration
28% Resist Cold +31 Max Mana
18 10-14 Cold Damage
3.0 sec Duration
40% Resist Cold +38 Max Mana


This section contains facts and trivia relevant to this article.
  • Sapphires are often symbolic of faith, and in Christian tradition its sky blue hue symbolizes status as a stone of the heavens connected to the cherubim. This angelic link is reflected in game, where Sapphires give bonus to magical power, i.e. Mana.
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