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Sazabi's Cobalt Redeemer is a set cryptic sword in Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. It is one of the three pieces of the Sazabi's Grand Tribute item set.

Sazabi's Cobalt Redeemer suffers from a low minimum damage, it relies on its increased attack speed to do effective damage. The cold damage added by the weapon makes enemies move and attack more slowly, making the weapon even faster in comparison. In addition to the usual Amn or Shael to improve its properties, it could be socketed with a Sol rune or a jewel with a Crimson prefix or Bliss suffix as a way to improve its damage.


Sazabi's Cobalt Redeemer
Cryptic Sword

Damage: 12 To 192
Required Level: 73
Required Strength: 99
Required Dexterity: 109

+150% Enhanced Damage
+318% Damage To Demons
Adds 25-35 Cold Damage
+40% Increased Attack Speed
+15 To Dexterity
+5 To Strength

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