Search is both a spell and a Monk class skill in Diablo: Hellfire.



Requires: 25 Magic
Cost: 15 Mana (-1 per Spell Level, minimum 1)

Highlights Items on the ground.

Damage Type: Magic

This spell makes finding items lying on the ground easier. It highlights them all with a distinguishable blue outline, and if the Automap is enabled, it will display blue boxes around the items for the duration.

Casting Search several times in a row will make it last much longer than it does from a single cast.

Duration: 12.25 + (10 x Spell Level) + Character Level seconds


Over the ages, many mystical cultures have delved into the nature of matter and energy while exploring the manifestations of magic. Out of this research came the ability to attain heightened perceptions, and, for those individuals of appropriate mental and spiritual discipline, this ability has proved to be a tremendous asset. For instance, the Monks of the Brotherhood of the Bough learned to focus their perceptions and concentration to such an extent that they could clearly see almost any visible object, no matter how distant, camouflaged, or obscured. The Vizjerei studied and learned from these people, and managed to bend the arcane forces into spells that could mimic their fine mental disciplines. Thus, magic users can include in their arcane arsenal the spell of Search, which, when invoked, makes clear to the caster all items and objects lying about. This spell has often proved to be invaluable to the adventurer wandering through dark, cluttered places seeking treasures.



Class: Monk (Hellfire)

Highlights Items on the ground.

Damage Type: Magic

Search is an inherent skill for the Monk class. Other characters must learn it from books and spend Mana to cast it (though Monks can still learn it as a spell if needed).


In their harsh native clime, Monks have been forced to find food and other essentials in the most unlikely of places. Over time, this careful searching has honed their visual perception to an almost supernatural level.


Diablo 1 Hellfire spells Search (by Blessed)01:11

Diablo 1 Hellfire spells Search (by Blessed)

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