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"Good luck, nephalem! May the loot gods treat you kindly and your deeds of valor always be remembered."

Season blurb(src)

A season's introductory scroll

Seasons are a feature of Diablo III, the equivalent of Ladders from Diablo II. They were added in Patch 2.1. New Seasons are a major event and are typically released in tandem with patches, premiering original content, but a patch is never applied mid-Season. Seasons are considered the end-game of Diablo III.

Seasons will be introduced to the game's console version in 2017.[1] The PC and console season runs will align in Season 10.[2]



Seasonal Hero checkbox

Seasons are only available to freshly created characters who must be leveled all the way from level 1 after the season begins. Seasonal characters have a separate stash, gold and other currencies, artisans, Paragon experience etc., starting fresh and completely clear when the season begins. These are also separate for Softcore and Hardcore Seasonal characters, making a total of four types per account.[3] Seasonal characters take up one of the regular 12 or 15 character slots and will remain in this slot after the end of a Season, simply having their Season status removed.[4]

Season participation benefits include exclusive rewards and unique Legendary Items, which are only available to Seasonal characters. It also awards special banner and transmogrification options.

The goal and key feature of Seasons is the ability to climb Leaderboards by completing achievements, earning Conquests, or running Greater Rifts.[3] Each type of Leaderboard is divided by goal, by class and by solo/group mode rather than a "by account" one[5]. There is a fierce competition within the Leaderboard of the same type, but it has no effect on other boards.

After the season ends, all of the player's progress (Paragon experience, crafting recipes, items, gold, etc.) will be rolled into the main roster, and the season-exclusive items are added to the normal loot tables. In other words, all seasonal characters become normal, and with the start of the next season, new characters must fresh-start all over again, competing for the clear Leaderboards[6]. Each new season adds new rewards.

Seasonal JourneyEdit

Seasonal Journey is an interface that was added in Season 4, as a means of tracking player progress. This feature is divided into chapters, which include major milestones that are achievable by most players, and tiers, which are designed for advanced players. Completing tiers unlocks new portrait frame rewards, and the highest tier includes challenges which will take effort to achieve for even the most powerful characters.[7] Tiers are unlocked after the completion of all chapters. Chapter goals are designed to be immediately accessible.[8]

Each chapter is progressively more difficult, featuring tasks from no-brainers such as leveling artisans, socketing items, and reaching certain character level, to challenges such as beating a Nephalem Rift on Torment IX difficulty in 4 minutes, beating solo Greater Rift rank 60, killing Greed on T10, or extracting 100 legendary powers via Kanai's Cube. There is a total of 9 chapters (S5), each giving progressively better rewards, including non-combat pet, full class set, and an additional stash tab (for Chapter 8).


Main article: Conquests

Conquests are special feats within Season, not related to Seasonal Journey (however, chapters 7, 8 and 9 require 1, 2 and 3 conquests to be completed respectively). These are among the hardest of goals to accomplish. They change with every Season. Examples include:

    • Kill 16 Bosses in 30 minutes
    • Gain 50 million Gold streak without venturing into The Vault
    • Complete Torment X Rift in 2 minutes
    • Beat a Greater Rift rank 45 without any Set Items
    • Complete all five Acts in 1 hour
    • Beat a Greater Rift rank 55 with all 24 6+ piece Class Sets
    • Complete 8 Set Dungeons with Mastery rating

Either of the Conquests will be credited separately for Hardcore mode.

Season RebirthEdit


Season Rebirth option menu

Season Rebirth is a feature that added in Season 5. This takes a non-Seasonal hero, reduces them to level 1, and strips all their gear. Any gear removed from a hero in this way is automatically mailed to the player in the non-Season, giving a player thirty days to reclaim the items at a later time. Paragon level, completed achievements, and other accomplishments all remain behind with non-Seasonal heroes. This feature serves as prevention of necessity to delete Seasonal characters when they transfer to normal character list.[9]

Season LengthsEdit

Season Start Date End Date Duration
1 29 Aug 2014 03 Feb 2015[10] 159 days
2 13 Feb 2015 05 Apr 2015[11] 52 days
3 10 Apr 2015 23 Aug 2015[12] 136 days
4 28 Aug 2015 30 Dec 2015[13] 125 days
5 15 Jan 2016 15 Apr 2016[14] 92 days
6 29 Apr 2016 22 Jul 2016[15] 85 days
7 5 Aug 2016 13 Oct 2016[16] 70 days
8 21 Oct 2016 30 Dec 2016 71 days

List of SeasonsEdit

Season 1Edit


Season 1 exclusive rewards

Season 1 launched on Friday, August 29th, 2014, following Patch 2.1.

Limited-time rewards Edit

  • Conqueror's Shako & Conqueror's Pauldrons transmogrifications
  • Exclusive banner: Shape, Pattern, Accent, Sigil

Items introducedEdit

Season 2Edit


Season 2 exclusive rewards

Season 2 launched on Friday, February 13, 2015, a month after Patch 2.1.2.

The season offered new legendaries, conquests, and banner rewards.[17]

Limited-time rewards Edit

  • Conqueror's Legguards & Sabatons transmogrifications
  • Exclusive banner: Shape, Pattern, Accent, Sigil

Items introducedEdit

Season 3Edit


Season 3 exclusive rewards

Season 3 launched on Friday, April 10, 2015, following Patch 2.2.

Limited-time rewards Edit

  • Conqueror's Cuirass & Gauntlets transmogrifications
  • Seasonal pennant
  • Exclusive portrait frame
Demon Hunter-S3

Season 3 artwork

Items introducedEdit

Season 4Edit


Season 4 exclusive rewards

Season 4 launched on Friday, August 28, 2015, following Patch 2.3.

Limited-time rewards Edit

  • Exclusive portrait frames
  • Frost hound pet
  • Repeat chance at Conqueror's Shako & Conqueror's Pauldrons transmogrifications

This season introduced the Season Journey as an additional feature for measuring progression and obtaining rewards, in addition to the Season Achievements of previous seasons.[18]


Season 4 portrait frames

Items introducedEdit

Season 5Edit


Season 5 exclusive rewards

Season 5 launched on Friday, January 15, 2016, following Patch 2.4.

Limited-time rewards Edit

  • Bonus stash tab #1
  • Exclusive portrait frames
  • Wickerman pet
  • Repeat chance at Conqueror's Legguards & Sabatons transmogrifications
Season 5 portrait frames

Season 5 portrait frames

Season 5 was the first season to not have temporarily exclusive legendary items, as the new legendaries in Patch 2.4 were made immediately available to both seasonal and non-seasonal characters. Instead, seasonal players would obtain a guaranteed free set for one class in the form of "Haedrig's Gift," a series of mail packages received upon completion of certain stages of the Season Journey up to the fourth chapter. The set obtained by each class is predetermined, and rotates with each new Season.[9]

New or redesigned legendaries at the time of the patch include: Blade of the Tribes, Heart of Iron, Elusive Ring, Kyoshiro's Blade, Wilken's Reach, The Twisted Sword. The Legacy of Nightmares ring set and some class sets also saw redesigns.

This season notably introduced the first additional stash tab as a limited time reward.


Season 6 exclusive rewards

Season 6Edit

Season 6 launched on Friday, April 29, 2016, following Patch 2.4.1.

Season 6 portrait frame.

Limited-time rewards Edit

  • Bonus stash tab #2
  • Seasonal pennant
  • Exclusive portrait frames
  • Repeat chance at Conqueror's Cuirass & Gauntlets transmogrifications

This season and patch premiered with many cosmetic transmogrification items and pets which were not exclusive seasonal rewards, but instead obtained as rare drops in chests, from monsters, and from the new Menagerist goblin.

New legendaries were also released concurrently with the patch, and others given new powers: Frostburn, Magefist, Skull Grasp, Flail of the Ascended, Augustine's Panacea, Bakuli Jungle Wraps, Halo of Karini, Crystal Fist, Fleshrake, Swamp Land Waders. Class sets and legendary gems also saw redesigns.

Season 7Edit


A new season 7 portrait frame.

Season 7 launched on Friday, August 5, 2016, following Patch 2.4.2.

Limited-time rewards Edit

  • Bonus stash tab #3
  • New pet: Dream of Piers
  • Exclusive portrait frames
  • Repeat chance at Conqueror's Shako & Conqueror's Pauldrons transmogrifications

Item updates in concurrent patch Edit

The following changes were made to the season journey:

  • Haedrig's Gift is no longer awarded for specific Seasonal achievements; the bags are now rewarded for the completion of Chapters II, III, and IV.
  • Achievements requiring timed Nephalem Rift runs have been re-tuned.
  • Overall difficulty has been shifted around; easier, more tutorial-based achievements are in Chapters I-IV while more challenging tasks can be found in Slayer and beyond.
  • All Rift-related achievements have been updated to include the new Torment XI-XIII difficulties.[19]

Season 8Edit

Season 8 launched on Friday, October 21, 2016, and ended on December 30.[20] It is the first time a season has launched with no patch since the start of a previous season.

While the seasonal conquests rotated as usual, there was no concurrent batch of new legendary items, balance changes, or new game features.

Limited-time rewards Edit


No one dies on your watch.

  • Bonus stash tab #4 (10 total if every season was played)
  • Anguish's Grasp (Andariel's wings)
  • Exclusive portrait frames
  • Repeat chance at Conqueror's Legguards & Sabatons transmogrifications

Season 9Edit

Season 9 launched on January 6, 2017, following Patch 2.4.3.[20] It will end on March 17.[21]

Limited-time rewardsEdit

Item updates in concurrent patch Edit

Season 10Edit

S10 Rewards

Season 10 rewards

Season 10 will launch on March 31. It will be the first Season for the console version of Diablo III.[23]

Limited-time rewardsEdit


The concept for seasons in Diablo III existed as early as the game's pre-release version.[24]

Josh Mosqueira first announced seasons as an implementation of "ladders" in March 2014, to be included in the first major content update (Patch 2.1) following the release of Reaper of Souls.[25]

Seasons were not present in the console version of Diablo III, as they are online exclusive.[26] In July 2016, Blizzard had no plans to implement Seasons on console.[27] However, at BlizzCon 2016, Blizzard announced that Seasons are coming to console.[1]


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