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Seismic Slam
Seismic Slam

Class: Barbarian (Diablo III)
Required Level: 12
Skill Category: Secondary
Cost: 30 Fury

Slam the ground and cause a wave of destruction that deals 620% damage as Physical to enemies up to 50 yards in front of the Barbarian.

Damage Type: Physical

Seismic Slam is a Secondary Barbarian skill, and one of the three that may be described as ranged skills.


The Barbarian lifts up one foot and brings it down with his/her weapon, slamming them into the ground and sending forth a deadly shockwave. This wave expands in a cone, roughly 30 degrees wide and 50 yards long, moving quickly (but not instantly), expanding as it nears its full length.

The wave has a minimum width (10 yards) at close distance, and ignores line of sight and most obstacles, including Waller affix barriers.

Skill RunesEdit

  • Stagger: damage type changes to Lightning and reduces Fury cost to 22.
  • Shattered Ground: damage type changes to Fire, damage increases to 735%, and enemies hit are knocked up in the air for a moment.
  • Rumble: area of effect also pulses with shockwaves for 2 seconds, dealing 115% damage per second to enemies remaining within it.
  • Strength from Earth: the Barbarian also heals 1% of maximum Life for every enemy hit by Seismic Slam.
  • Permafrost: damage type changes to Cold, increases damage to 755% and Chills affected enemies by 60% for 1 second.

Non-rune enhancementsEdit


  • No Escape: Seismic Slam deals 30% more damage to enemies at least 15 yards away from the Barbarian.

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