Serenthia is a character featuring in The Sin War (novels). An inhabitant of Seram and friend of Uldyssian she travels with him on his quest.


Serenthia was the daughter of Cyrus, a rich and influential merchant of Seram. Serenthia had several older brothers, but had learned to fend for herself: she had learned how to handle a sword from her father. A black-tressed and beautiful woman, Serenthia - or 'Serry' for her friends - had a crush on the much older farmer Uldyssian. Sadly for her, Uldyssian always saw her as his little sister. Still she did not give up, even though the handsome Achilios had been flirting with her as well. When Uldyssian met the strange noblewoman Lylia and was subsequently infatuated with her, Serenthia was overcome with jealousy.

When Uldyssian was accused of murder, she always kept supporting him. This continued even after Uldyssian allegedly summoned forth a storm that killed many, including her father. Serenthia joined Uldyssian in his quest to undo the Triune and the Cathedral, even though she still had some respect for the cults.

After the party left the town of Partha, Serenthia finally fell in love with Achilios. Sadly it was not meant to last, as Achilios was killed by the demon Lucion shortly after. Still this did not in the least mar her faith in Uldyssian.

At some point of their travels, Serenthia was briefly possessed by the demoness Lilith. This allowed the demon to briefly take control of the Edyrem army. She was later expelled by the now undead Achilios. Serenthia became more and more proficient with using a spear - her weapon of choice.

Captain of the EdyremEdit

Along with many of the Edyrem (including Uldyssian), Serenthia became more and more confident, if not arrogant, with her powers as they increased. She became increasingly warlike, often opting for a harsh, head-on approach without fearing any repercussions. Her love for Achilios remained unchanged, even despite his undead state and the latter's assassination attempt on both herself and Uldyssian.

During the Battle of the Golden Path (the final confrontation with Inarius), Serenthia took charge of the Edyrem army as Uldyssian was locked in battle with Inarius. She fought side by side with Achilios, killing both Angels and Demons. When her love was threatened by an Angelic attack, Serenthia did not hesitate to save her love - even though it would cost her own life.

However, before Uldyssian sacrificed himself, he granted both Serenthia and Achilios renewed life. After the Angiris Council voted for the continued existence of Sanctuary, Serenthia's memory was erased in order to give humanity a 'new start', unburdened with the dark knowledge of the past.

Serenthia supposedly lived out her days along with Achilios in her hometown of Seram, believing that those persons killed during the events of the Sin War - including Uldyssian - to have died of plague.

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