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"The gates of Sescheron have sealed for eons beyond remembrance and you shall not breach them now! Remove your foul demons from our lands! We stand on the side of Light. You shall not be allowed to reach Mount Arreat and that which you seek will not be yours!"

- A Barbarian messenger to Baal(src)


The gates of Sescheron

Sescheron was the capital of the Barbarians, prior to its fall to the Army of Destruction. It was an extraordinarily large city.[1]


"Well now. It appears that your terms...are not acceptable."

- Baal, just prior to the beginning of the siege.(src)

Sescheron was besieged by the Prime Evil Baal and his Army of Destruction during their assault on Mount Arreat.[2] The defenses were overcome and the city sacked[3] over the course of a single day.[1] Baal's forces subsequently marched on Harrogath,[3] leaving Sescheron in ruins.[1]

Now, Sescheron lies empty. Monsters have come up from the forests and down from the mountains to infest its ruins.[4]


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The Ruins of Sescheron will be available in the Adventure Mode of Diablo III. Specifically in Act III, near the Arreat Crater.[1]

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References Edit

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