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Set items are special items introduced in Diablo II and continued into Diablo III. They are like Unique Items, in that every time you find the same item it has the same attributes. However, in general Set items are a tad weaker than Uniques. This is because Set items are each part of specific sets, and if you equip the entire set you get an extra set of bonus affixes, hence the name "Set items." Set items are denoted by their name appearing in bright green.

Partial Set BonusEdit

At first, you had to equip an entire set of items to get any bonus effects at all. With the Diablo II expansion pack Lord of Destruction, a Partial Set Bonus feature was added to the sets that include more than two items. For each item you equip past the first, there is an extra magic affix added, until you put together the whole set. This means it's no longer necessary to equip an entire set to get some very useful bonuses.

The partial set bonus concept was kept for Diablo III.

New Full Set BonusesEdit

Some of the new sets added in Lord of Destruction give particularly interesting bonuses upon completion. Many will give you bonuses that are not normally found on Magic or Rare items. One of them (Trang-Oul's Avatar, a set for Necromancers) will even transform you into a Vampire enemy, and give you three of the Sorceress' Fire Skills!

Class SetsEdit

's Avatar set
Necromancer wearing full Trang-Oul's Avatar set.

Each class in Diablo II has a set specifically built for them. Upon the completion of these sets, Your character will get a golden light shining around them, except for when using Trang-Oul's Avatar, your character will transform into a Ghoul Lord, and when using Natalya's Odium, your Assassin will appear faded.

There are other sets beyond these also intended for only one class, but they do not award a unique graphical feature. Diablo III has generic class-specific sets as well.

Diablo IIIEdit

A set item in Diablo III
NebiksrazuAdded by Nebiksrazu
When a set item is first found, it is unidentified. The player can identify it by right-clicking it, or by travelling to a town and using the Book of Cain. The stats for the item are created at the time it is spawned, not when it is identified. It can have between six and seven magical properties.

All set items dropped since patch 2.0 are account bound, to an extent. The item will be tradeable for the next two hours of gameplay to any player that was in the same game when the item was dropped. After two hours of gameplay, the item will be bound to the player's account.

Set items are highlighted like other legendaries, but a pillar of light will be green.

Craftable set items drop one recipe for the entire set. There is no need to find extra recipes. However, at level 70, each piece will require one special ingredient, so it may take a while to find enough materials.

Some sets exist in two variants: pre-70 and 70. Note that different versions of the same set cannot be used to complete each other, but different level items (of the exactly same set, check its name carefully, just obtained at different levels) can. Example: Cain's set items of pre-70 variant are different from their 70 versions, and cannot complete each other; but Tal-Rasha Set item dropped at level 60 can be used to complete a set of Tal-Rasha Set items dropped at level 70.

In addition, Legacy sets are considered different sets from their post-Expansion counterparts, even if they bear the same name.

While technically being legendary items, set items in Diablo III cannot have unique affixes like legendaries, as those are replaced with set bonuses. All sets have between two and five items.

Each class has four class sets: one minor 60 set (usually of two class items in weapon slots), one 60 full set, and two 70 sets (one protective and one damaging). These sets can usually be completed by any class (with some exceptions: for example, Firebird 70 set cannot be worn by any class other than Wizard), but set bonuses are only related to class-specific stats and skills, making the set useless for other classes.

In addition, a very popular Ring of Royal Grandeur is known for reducing set items requirements (i.e. number of set pieces to complete the set) by one, to a minimum of two.

Set items equipped on followers provide no bonus to the player, but do provide bonus to the follower, as long as that bonus can have any effect on them. Pieces of the same set on both follower and player cannot complete each other.

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