Shadow Beast (Diablo I)

A Shadow Beast

Shadow Beasts are a type of Scavenger. They blend in with the darkness like shadows. More cautious than other Scavenger varieties, Shadow Beasts are all the more dangerous.[1]

Demon Hunters in Diablo III may summon creatures called Shadow Beasts for their Rain of Vengeance skill, but these are completely different, and appear more like Demonic Hellflyers.


Diablo IEdit

Shadow Beasts are encountered in Diablo, found on the lower levels of the labyrinth. They once again lack resistances or immunities, but have a fierce attack.


  • Resistance: No resistances.
  • Immunity: No immunities.
  • Hit Points: 12-18
  • Damage: 3-12

Heroes of the StormEdit

Shadow Beasts can be summoned by Valla in Heroes of the Storm.


  1. The Awakening
VariantsScavengerPlague EaterShadow BeastBone Gasher

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