The Shadow Wolf Tribe is (or was) a Barbarian tribe, active prior to the destruction of the Worldstone. They were masters of the axe, and with the weapon, they sought to match the swiping claws and the biting teeth of the wolves that they lived with and fought beside. The first axes were but crude stones mounted on wooden shafts. But after the Barbarians learned the secret of steel and swords from Bul-Kathos, the axe soon fell into disfavor. Not long before the Worldstone's destruction however, warriors and smiths from the steppes perfected the axe as a weapon equal to (or greater than) the sword. The Shadow Wolf Tribe once again taught the swift and terrible power of the axe to those who wish to learn how to cull the weak from the herd and protect their pack from the legions of Hell.[1]

Known MembersEdit


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