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Shield of the Steed is a Crusader Shield piece of the Norvald's Fervor set in Diablo III. It requires character level 70 to drop.

Since Flail of the Charge is two-handed, the set cannot be completed without Heavenly Strength skill.

Stats (Level 70)Edit


Shield of the Steed
Set Crusader Shield

  • 1760–2024 Armor


  • +10.0–20.0% Chance to Block
  • (12696–15870)–(15235–22218) Block Amount
  • +626–750 Strength
  • Critical Hit Chance Increased by 8.0–10.0%
  • +4 Random Magic Properties

Set Bonuses:

  • Gain 100% increased damage while using Steed Charge and for 5 seconds after it ends. Also increases the duration of Steed Charge by 2 seconds and reduces the remaining cooldown of Steed Charge by 1 second for each enemy killed (2 pieces)
"My master used to claim a flail and a horse are all that is needed to see the crusade to its conclusion. I'd bring along a shield as well, just to be safe." — Norvald the Crusader

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