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Shockadins, Flamadins, and Freezadins are three closely related Paladin builds that focus on Holy Shock, Holy Fire, or Holy Freeze respectively. They typically use a fast one handed melee weapon and shield with skill level 4 Zeal, or a fast ranged weapon.

The strength of these builds is that they do a very high amount of melee damage that is not dependent on their weapon damage, and can achieve a great degree of power with very poor gear. During some periods in leveling, these are some the most effective builds in certain level ranges, notably 40-70.

The main weakness of the builds is that they are strongly tied to a single element, and it is more difficult for them to become viable with a second or third element than it is for many other element based builds, making Hell difficulty very challenging for them. Shockadins should use Runeword weapon Called Crescent Moon for the -35% Resistance to Electicity.

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