Trap assassins, aka Trassassins or Trapsins, use traps to deal damage to their opponents. The more common trapsin would be the lightning trapsin, as lightning traps have the potential to deal the most damage. A lightning trapsin's skill tree should be focussed in traps and only lightly in shadow disciplines, only to acquire the skills Burst of Speed, Mind Blast, Fade and Shadow Warrior or Shadow Master, depending on your preference (Shadow Master is more of a tank).

The stat points should mainly be in vitality, with only enough in strength and dexterity to wield your armour and weapons.

Skills Edit

Primary Skills Edit

Secondary Skills Edit

  • Shadow Master: 10+
    • Tank. Needed in order to distract monsters, she also has her own skills. Around 10 points is enough, let + skills do the rest. Add a few more points if she has trouble to survive.
  • Burst of Speed: 1
    • Increased movement speed which is very useful for evading enemies's projectiles.
  • Cloak of Shadows: 1
    • Blinds opponents, increasing the survivability of your Hireling and summon, and lowers the defense of monsters.

Optional Skills Edit

  • Fade: 1
    • Trassassins always stay far away from the war zone so elemental resistances are not always needed. Put 1 point in this skill just in case.
  • Mind Blast: 1
    • Depends on your preference, you can use this skill as a substitute of Cloak of Shadows to stall enemies.

Add the rests of the skill points to Charged Bolt Sentry and Shock Web, synergies of Lightning Sentry, or Shadow Master.

Equipment Edit

Primary Weapon set: 2 Cunning Katars.

Secondary Weapon set: 2 Shadow Katars.

Mercenary Hirelings Edit

Take cold aura Desert Mercenary, their Holy Freeze aura will have a similar effect of slowing enemies in a large area, but will not freeze them. The Desert Mercenary, when well-equipped, can act as an additional tank to augment your Shadow Master.

PVM TacticsEdit

Switch to the secondary katar set and activate Burst of Speed and summon Shadow Master. When you confront a group of monsters, activate Cloak of Shadows to stall them, then switch to the primary set and lay 4-5 Lightning Sentry or Wake of Infernos to create corpses, lay Death Sentry to explode the corpses. When the traps are functioning, keep activating Cloak of Shadows so you can collect items and gold, and evade monsters' attacks.