Sigon's Complete Steel is an item set in Diablo II.

The gloves, belt, and boots combination from this set provides 30% Increased Attack Speed, 10% Life Leech, 50% Magic find and 16 slots belt, all of which are awesome attributes for low level characters that cannot be easily beaten by any other combination of items, even when considering individual qualities. This set is made more accessible by the fact that most of its best characteristics are obtained by equipping just a few of its set items.

The entire set (which can be equipped as low as character level 6, though the high strength requirements prevent most characters from wearing it this early) is unparalleled in terms of early usefulness for most characters. However, as with most sets from Diablo II Classic, it diminishes in usefulness as the game progresses. 


Sigon's Complete Steel

Partial Set BonusEdit

+10% Life Stolen Per Hit (2 Items)
+100 Defense (3 Items)

Complete Set BonusEdit

+10% Life Stolen Per Hit
+100 Defense
+20 To Mana
Fire Resist +12%
+24 To Max Fire Damage
Attacker Takes Damage of 12
Damage Reduced By 7


Sigon's Complete Steel

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