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Silkweave are unique Mesh Boots. Besides its defense against missiles, Silkweave is particularly useful to casters due to its bonus to mana. The Mana after Kill can be a helpful boon towards melee fighters attacking foes immune to Physical damage or leeching.



Mesh Boots
Defense: 112-130
Required Level: 36
Required Strength: 65
Durability: 16
Assassin Kick Damage: 23-52
+150-190% Enhanced Defense
30% Faster Run/Walk
+5 To Mana After Each Kill
Increase Maximum Mana 10%
+200 Defense vs. Missiles

Unique Boots
Normal Boots — Hotspur (Boots) • Gorefoot (Heavy Boots) • Treads of Cthon (Chain Boots) • Goblin Toe (Light Plated Boots) • Tearhaunch (Greaves)
Exceptional Boots — Infernostride (Demonhide Boots) • Waterwalk (Sharkskin Boots) • Silkweave (Mesh Boots) • War Traveler (Battle Boots) • Gore Rider (War Boots)
Elite Boots — Sandstorm Trek (Scarabshell Boots) • Marrowwalk (Boneweave Boots) • Shadow Dancer (Myrmidon Greaves)

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