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Silver Spire

The Silver Spire is essentially the primary stronghold of the High Heavens (lying in the heart of the Silver City and is its tallest tower) and is where the Angiris Council congregates every now and then to make decisions regarding their people, their enemies as well as Sanctuary as a whole.[1]

During Diablo's assault on Heaven, he fought his way through the spire to reach the Crystal Arch, located at the spire's top. His plans to corrupt it were foil by a group of mortal heroes however.[2]


The Silver Spire appears as an two-level area in Act IV of Diablo III. The first level is found after the Gateway to the Silver Spire, but the player(s) has to go past the Great Span in order to get to the second level, which in turn leads to The Pinnacle of Heaven.


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