The Singer, Bardarian, or War Crier is a PvM-build, centered around the War Cry skill. It also serves as supportive caster in multiplayer-games.

War CryEdit

War Cry stuns the enemy and deals moderate physical damage. It costs a lot of Mana, which means that the Barbarian has to be skilled like a wizardish character. Another possibility is using Insight on your mercenary for Meditation aura, for mana regeneration so you can keep your barbarian build.

Stat Point DistributionEdit

Strength: Enough to wear endgame gear. Calculate this amount ahead of time.

Dexterity: None. You won't use a shield.

Vitality: Everything that doesn't go into strength.

Energy: None. Get your mana from gear and charms.

Skill Point DistributionEdit

War Cry: Dealing damage. Main attack.

Battle Orders: Increases your and your party's Life and Mana enormously.

Shout: Increases your and your party's defense.

The rest goes into 1-point-wonders and synergies of War Cry: Taunt and/or Battle Cry

1 point into Iron Skin and Natural Resistance will give large defense bonuses with + to skills gear.

Do NOT invest in any skills like weapons masteries and such. If you have leveling issues in reaching level 30, invest 1 point (more would be waste) in either Bash or Frenzy.


On ladder, dual spirit crystal swords is a good starting point. Upgrade to dual HotO's. Add other gear that maximizes +skills while hitting the +105 FCR breakpoint. Look for barb-only helms that add to War Cry and Battle orders (such as Wolfhowl Fury Visor). In a 3 socket helm, make a Delirium Rune Word.

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