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For information on this foe's other incarnations, see Skeleton King.
Skeleton King D3
The Skeleton King
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"You dare to bring the warmth of life into my tomb?!"
The Skeleton King to his foe(s)

The Skeleton King is a boss character in Diablo III. He is in fact King Leoric, bound once again to the mortal realm.


Skeleton king di3 game2
The ghost of the Skeleton King
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The Skeleton King appears as a quest-related boss in Act I. Once the king is activated, numerous undead minions appear. As long as the King is active, more groups of monsters will appear, but they disappear after he is defeated. The King has a large amount of HP, but moves slowly.

The Skeleton King appears as a quest in Adventure Mode and is one of the six bosses handpicked as an Uber Boss in the Infernal Machine event, under the title of the King of the Dead. His uber appearance boasts only significantly higher statistics, with no change in strategy, but he does fight alongside Uber Maghda. Like her, he can drop the Writhing Spine upon defeat.


  • Bash Attack: The King swipes at the player with his mace.
  • Teleport Attack: A ghostly apparition of the King moves towards the player. Afterwards, the King teleports to where the ghost is, swinging his mace for a high damage attack.
  • Summon Skeletons: Undead minions are summoned.
  • Spinning Strike: The King laughs and spins in three consecutive circles, doing moderate damage.

Related AchievementsEdit


  • "The power of the fallen star awakened me... and soon all will suffer, as I have suffered. Guards! Bring me his bones!" (First encounter, as the Skeleton King is seen chasing after Deckard Cain)
  • "You dare to bring the warmth of life into my tomb?!" (Upon entering the Royal Crypts)
  • "You will never defeat me!"


The Skeleton King first appeared in the Wizard introduction trailer.[1]


Diablo 3 Infernal Machine Bos Skeleton and Magda(05:20)


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