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The Skeleton King is a unique undead enemy whose form does not appear like any of the other undead types in the original Diablo. He is the reanimated corpse of the late King Leoric of Khanduras.

He is a skeleton, but is much taller, wears a crown, and wields a huge sword. In single player games with the Skeleton King, he appears in a mini-level called King Leoric's Tomb which is accessible from dungeon level 3. After pulling levers to open his chamber, he attacks the player with a small company of skeletons. He will resurrect his small band of skeletons, so players focus their damage against him.

In multiplayer games, he appears on the third floor itself. In this instance he is far harder, since he can be surrounded by a gang of skeleton archers. If the player can get rid of the archers somehow, be it through luring the King himself, or outright destroying them, he will not be as hard. He is considerably more powerful than the monsters around him, and will take much more damage to kill. It should also be warned that his attacks possess full life stealing- that is, to say, every single point of damage he does is returned to him as HP, up to his maximum. He is quite weak, however, against the spell Holy Bolt. As a quest reward in single player he gives The Undead Crown. The great effect this item gives is life-steal that stacks with other life-stealing abilities.


  • "The warmth of life has entered my tomb. Prepare yourself, mortal, to serve my Master for eternity! (laughs)"


This section contains facts and trivia relevant to this article.
  • In Diablo III, the Skeleton King makes another reappearance. His speech differs only little: it seems the Skeleton King no longer acts at the behest of Diablo, as he now states that the intruders will serve him for all eternity.
  • Christopher Metzen is the voice actor for this hellish skeletal fiend.

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