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A Skill Tree is a kind of a categorized spellbook where you can see what skills are available to your character.

Diablo IIEdit


The Druid's Shape Shifting skill tree

In Diablo II, it has three tabs at the right side. Clicking on the tab will take you to the corresponding skill tree.

The tree consists of rows of skills. The row indicates the level requirement to acquire the skill. The first (top) row of skills are available as soon as you create your character. The second row has a level requirement of 6, with each following row's level requirement increasing by 6, up to 30 for the bottom row.

Some skills have one or more arrows pointing to them. Any skill on the tree that points to another skill is a prerequisite. For example, in the image to the right, Fire Claws FireClaws has arrows pointing to it from Feral Rage FeralRage and Maul MaulSkill. This means that in order to get Fire Claws, you must already have at least one skill point in both Feral Rage and Maul.

Amazon Skills
Bow and Crossbow Skills Magic ArrowFire ArrowCold ArrowMultiple ShotExploding ArrowIce ArrowGuided ArrowStrafeImmolation ArrowFreezing Arrow
Passive and Magic Skills Inner SightCritical StrikeDodgeSlow MissilesAvoidPenetrateDecoyEvadeValkyriePierce
Javelin and Spear Skills JabPower StrikePoison JavelinImpaleLightning BoltCharged StrikePlague JavelinFendLightning StrikeLightning Fury
Assassin Skills
Martial Arts Tiger StrikeDragon TalonFists of FireDragon ClawCobra StrikeClaws of ThunderDragon TailBlades of IceDragon FlightPhoenix Strike
Shadow Disciplines Claw MasteryPsychic HammerBurst of SpeedWeapon BlockCloak of ShadowsFadeShadow WarriorMind BlastVenomShadow Master
Traps Fire BlastShock WebBlade SentinelCharged Bolt SentryWake of FireBlade FuryLightning SentryWake of InfernoDeath SentryBlade Shield
Barbarian Skills
Warcries HowlFind PotionTaunt ShoutFind ItemBattle CryBattle OrdersGrim WardWar CryBattle Command
Combat Skills BashLeapDouble SwingStunDouble ThrowLeap AttackConcentrateFrenzyWhirlwindBerserk
Combat Masteries Sword MasteryAxe MasteryMace MasteryPolearm MasteryThrowing MasterySpear MasteryIncreased StaminaIron SkinIncreased SpeedNatural Resistance
Druid Skills
Elemental Skills FirestormMolten BoulderArctic BlastFissureCyclone ArmorTwisterVolcanoTornadoHurricaneArmageddon
Shape Shifting Skills WerewolfLycanthropyWerebearMaulFeral RageFire ClawsRabiesShock WaveHungerFury
Summoning Skills RavenPoison CreeperOak SageSummon Spirit WolfCarrion VineHeart of WolverineSummon Dire WolfSolar CreeperSpirit of BarbsSummon Grizzly
Necromancer Skills
Summoning SpellsRaise SkeletonSkeleton MasteryClay GolemGolem MasteryRaise Skeletal MageBlood GolemSummon ResistIron GolemFire GolemRevive
Poison and Bone SpellsTeethBone ArmorPoison DaggerCorpse ExplosionBone WallPoison ExplosionBone SpearBone PrisonPoison NovaBone Spirit
CursesAmplify DamageDim VisionWeakenIron MaidenTerrorConfuseLife TapAttractDecrepifyLower Resist
Paladin Skills
Combat Skills SacrificeSmiteHoly BoltZealChargeVengeanceBlessed HammerConversionHoly ShieldFist of the Heavens
Defensive Auras PrayerResist FireResist ColdResist LightningDefianceCleansingVigorMeditationRedemptionSalvation
Offensive Auras MightHoly FireThornsBlessed AimConcentrationHoly FreezeHoly ShockSanctuaryFanaticismConviction
Sorceress Skills
Fire Spells Fire BoltWarmthInfernoBlazeFireballFire WallEnchantMeteorFire MasteryHydra
Lightning Spells Charged BoltTelekinesisStatic FieldLightningNovaChain LightningTeleportThunder StormEnergy ShieldLightning Mastery
Cold Spells Ice BoltFrozen ArmorFrost NovaIce BlastShiver ArmorGlacial SpikeBlizzardChilling ArmorFrozen OrbCold Mastery

Diablo IIIEdit


Tome This page contains obsolete content
This article contains information that is no longer relevant to gameplay, but is kept here for informational purposes.

In the early versions of Diablo III, skill trees were working in the same way they did in Diablo II: three separate trees, unlocking more passive and active skills as players invest more skill points in them. However, eventually this concept has been canceled, although most of the skills were more or less transferred to the new system of skill categories (see below). This allowed making mixed builds and prevented players from wasting points on skills they do not want just to get to the next skill in the category. However, details about two older skill trees (Barbarian and Wizard) still exist:

Diablo III Pre-release Barbarian Skills
Berserker SkillsFrenzyThreatening ShoutOnslaughtDouble StrikeStrong ConstitutionBerserker StateLeap AttackEnrageDual Wield SpecializationSavageSpeed BoostWhirlwindSlashing StrikeRelentless AttacksDestroy Armor
Juggernaut SkillsBashCleaveGround StompFocused StrengthStubbornRecoveryTauntStunning BlowsTwo-Handed Weapon SpecializationInvigoratedSeismic SlamRevengeIron WillCrushing BlowsSeismic Effect
Battlemaster SkillsBattle RagePerseverancePower of the BattlemasterIron SkinHammer of the AncientsBattle CryScavengeCritical AttacksShield SpecializationFurious ChargeIgnore PainDeliberate DefenseImproved Battle RageDeath ProofInspiring PresenceNatural ResistanceMighty Hammer
Wizard Skills
Storm SkillsCharged BoltThunderstruckEmpowered MagicLightning SpeedStorm ArmorFrost NovaDeep FreezePower ArmorStatic ChargeElectrocuteRay of FrostLethal EnergyImproved Charged BoltStatic ResidueBlizzardStorm PowerEpic StormsShattering IceTornado

Arcane SkillsMagic MissileArcane PowerEfficient MagicsPenetrating SpellsDisintegrateWave of ForceArcane ArmorArcane WeaknessArcane SpeedArcane OrbSlow TimeArcane DistortionMana RecoveryImproved Magic MissileTemporal ArmorTeleportGreater ManaMana BurstRunic Might
Conjuring SkillsSpectral BladeSpell SpeedWeapon MasteryDamage ResistanceStone SkinMirror ImageConjured ArmorConjured HealthDuplicate ConjuringMeteor StormAcid CloudConjured PowerConjured DurationImproved Spectral BladeHydraMagic WeaponMagical ImpactSlowing StrikesArmor Piercing

Current SystemEdit

In Diablo III, skill trees were replaced with skill categories. Each class has six, and each category includes three to five skills. The system below is approximate, in fact, Demon Hunters and Witch Doctors have their categories slightly different from those of other classes.

  • Primary (default LMB): basic skills that do not waste resources, or even generate them with every attack, have no cooldown, but deal less damage than other skills. Pants, Class-specific Items and Belts may enhance the damage done by these skills.
  • Secondary (default RMB): advanced skills that usually waste resources, but generally have no cooldown as well; basically, they are the main combat skills. Boots and Class-specific items may enhance the damage done by these skills.
  • Defensive (default 1): protective skills that are focused on protection or on disabling enemies (i.e. Crowd Control) rather than dealing damage. They usually cost no resources (or even generate them), but have cooldowns, and while some of them deal minor damage, their main purpose is survival. 
  • Tertiary (default 2, name of the category varies by class): powerful skills, usually they cost more resources than Secondary, and / or have cooldowns. These skills mostly deal damage, are considerably more potent than Secondary skills, but players won't be able to use them as often as they can use Secondary skills. Boots, Class-specific items, Pauldrons and Chest Armors may enhance these skills. 
  • Special (default 3, name of the category varies by class): these skills are usually semi-passive, enhancing the character and / or allies, or summoning pets and minions. Some classes can only pick one skill of this category at a time. However, these skills rarely do damage. Class-specific items, Pauldrons and Chest Armors may enhance these skills.
  • Ultimate (default 4, name of the category varies by class): these skills are usually the most powerful tools in the character's arsenal. They can be incredibly damaging, very potent Crowd Control forms, enhancing the character far beyond their usual capabilities for a short time (or even changing their physical form into a creature of legends) or summoning very numerous or very powerful minions. However, most of these skills have a very high resource cost and / or a very long cooldown. Class-specific items, Pauldrons and Chest Armors may enhance these skills.

Passive skills have a separate category. At level 10, a character has one passive skill slot, but can acquire the second one at level 20, the third one at level 30, and the final (fourth) one at level 70. Hellfire Amulet allows having five passives at a time. Passive skills can be taken in any combination, regardless of which active skills have been chosen.

Originally, characters can only have one skill of each category, and may not change the default button. However, with the so-called Elective Mode turned on in the Options, one can take any skills in any combinations, unless specifically stated otherwise.

Skills can be changed or assigned new Skill Runes (counts as changing skills too) at any moment when out of combat, and when the skill in question is not on a cooldown. If performed in town, the new skill is ready instantly, otherwise it has a 10 seconds cooldown before it can be used.

Note that each item can only have one "Increases (Skill Name) Damage by X%" Primary affix.

Barbarian Skills
Primary Skills
BashCleaveFrenzyWeapon Throw

Secondary Skills
Hammer of the AncientsRendSeismic SlamWhirlwindAncient Spear
Defensive Skills
Ground StompLeapSprintIgnore Pain
OverpowerRevengeFurious ChargeAvalanche
Threatening ShoutBattle RageWar Cry
EarthquakeCall of the AncientsWrath of the Berserker
Passive Skills
Pound of FleshRuthlessNerves of SteelWeapons MasterInspiring PresenceBerserker Rage
BloodthirstAnimositySuperstitionTough as NailsNo EscapeRelentless
BrawlerJuggernautUnforgivingBoon of Bul-KathosEarthen MightSword and BoardRampage

Crusader Skills
Primary Skills

Secondary Skills
Shield BashSweep AttackBlessed HammerBlessed ShieldFist of the Heavens
Defensive Skills
Shield GlareIron SkinConsecrationJudgment
ProvokeSteed ChargeCondemnPhalanx
Laws of ValorLaws of JusticeLaws of Hope
Falling SwordAkarat's ChampionHeaven's FuryBombardment
Passive Skills
Heavenly StrengthFervorVigilantRighteousnessInsurmountableFanatacism
IndestructibleHoly CauseWrathfulDivine FortressLord CommanderHold Your Ground
Long Arm of the LawIron MaidenRenewalFineryBluntTowering Shield
Nephalem Majesty
Laws of Fate

Demon Hunter Skills
Primary Skills
Hungering ArrowEntangling ShotBolasEvasive FireGrenade

Secondary Skills
ImpaleRapid FireChakramElemental Arrow
Defensive Skills
CaltropsSmoke ScreenShadow Power
VaultPreparationCompanionMarked for Death
Fan of KnivesSpike TrapSentryVengeance
StrafeMultishotCluster ArrowRain of Vengeance
Passive Skills
Thrill of the HuntTactical AdvantageBlood VengeanceSteady AimCull the WeakNight Stalker
BroodingHot PursuitArcheryNumbing TrapsPerfectionistCustom Engineering
GrenadierSharpshooterBallisticsLeechAmbushAwarenessSingle Out

Monk Skills
Primary Skills
Fists of ThunderDeadly ReachCrippling WaveWay of the Hundred Fists

Secondary Skills
Lashing Tail KickTempest RushWave of Light
Defensive Skills
Blinding FlashBreath of HeavenSerenityInner Sanctuary
Dashing StrikeExploding PalmSweeping Wind
Cyclone StrikeSeven-Sided StrikeMystic AllyEpiphany
Mantra of SalvationMantra of RetributionMantra of HealingMantra of Conviction
Passive Skills
ResolveFleet FootedExalted SoulTranscendenceChant of ResonanceSeize the Initiative
The Guardian's PathSixth SenseDeterminationRelentless AssaultBeacon of YtarAlacrity
HarmonyCombination StrikeNear Death ExperienceUnityMomentumMythic Rhythm
Guiding LightMantra of EvasionOne with EverythingPacificismProvocation
Impenetrable DefenseRadiant Visage

Witch Doctor Skills
Primary Skills
Poison DartCorpse SpidersPlague of ToadsFirebomb

Secondary Skills
Grasp of the DeadFirebatsHauntLocust Swarm
Defensive Skills
Summon Zombie DogsHorrifySpirit WalkHex
Soul HarvestSacrificeMass Confusion
Zombie ChargerSpirit BarrageAcid CloudWall of DeathPiranhas
GargantuanBig Bad VoodooFetish Army
Passive Skills
Jungle FortitudeCircle of LifeSpiritual AttunementGruesome FeastBlood RitualBad Medicine
Zombie HandlerPierce the VeilSpirit VesselFetish SycophantsRush of EssenceVision Quest
Fierce LoyaltyGrave InjusticeTribal RitesConfidence RitualCreeping DeathSwampland AttunementMidnight Feast

Wizard Skills
Primary Skills
Magic MissileShock PulseSpectral BladeElectrocute

Secondary Skills
Ray of FrostArcane OrbArcane TorrentDisintegrate
Defensive Skills
Frost NovaDiamond SkinSlow TimeTeleport
Wave of ForceEnergy TwisterHydraMeteorBlizzard
Ice ArmorStorm ArmorMagic WeaponFamiliarEnergy Armor
Explosive BlastMirror ImageArchonBlack Hole
Passive Skills
Power HungryBlurEvocationGlass CannonProdigyAstral Presence
IllusionistCold BloodedConflagrationParalysisGalvanizing WardTemporal Flux
DominanceArcane DynamoUnstable AnomalyUnwavering WillAudacityElemental Exposure
Critical Mass

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