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Skill points are points that you can spend in a Skill Tree to improve your character skills. You cannot add more than 20 skill points in one skill. For this limit bonus skills from items and shrines (temporarily) are not counted. An example: If you have 15 skill points in one skill and you get 3 skill points from items and 2 from a Skill Shrine, and you have skill points left, you can still put your points in that skill because the total is 15, not 20.

Some skills have skill requirements. You must have at least one skill point in all prerequisite skills before you can put a point in the proceeding skill.

Skill points can be earned by:

  • leveling up. You will get one skill point;
  • completing certain quests. You will get one or two skill points.

Be extremely careful at spending your skill points, think what kind of character you want to play, if you prefer it fast or strong, melee or ranged, keep in mind that your personal style has much to do with skill allocation.

Also, you'll want to think about your ideal equipment (specific set items, runeword armor, etc.), because the ones with "+ skills" will have much to do with your character's ultimate performance (same as skillers and the like).

At Level 99 you can spend 110 skill points, that is, if you completed all skill quests.

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