Skiller is a grand charm with + 1 to particular skills magical attribute.

If skiller has only one attribute, it is called "clean skiller".

Clean skillers are at 50 item quality level.

Skillers prefixes Edit

Amazon Edit

Acrobat's Passive and Magic Skills
Fletcher's Bow and Crossbow Skills
Harpoonist's Javelin and Spear Skills

Assasin Edit

Entrapping Traps
Mentalist's Shadow Disciplines
Shogukusha's Martial Arts

Barbarian Edit

Expert's Combat Skills
Fanatic Combat Masteries
Sounding Warcries

Druid Edit

Nature's Elemental Skills
Spiritual Shape Shifting Skills
Nature's Summoning Skills

Necromancer Edit

Fungal Poison and Bone Spells
Graverobber's Summoning Spells
Hexing Curses

Paladin Edit

Captain's Offensive Auras
Lion Branded Combat Skills
Preserver's Defensive Auras

Sorceress Edit

Burning Fire Spells
Chilling Cold Spells
Sparking Lightning Spells

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