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Skorn is a Legendary two-handed axe in Diablo III.

It has an Item Level of 63, and requires character level 60 to be used.

This weapon is by far the best of the best of the Legendary Two-Handed weapons, due to many things. Firstly, its Bleed proc is by far the most powerful in existence, and can most certainly add many thousand points to a hero's true damage per second. Secondly, the guaranteed Critical Hit Damage bonus is certainly going to benefit even those builds who prefer to stack attack speed compared to critical hit stats. Finally, the empty socket allows for further customization to suit the hero's needs. The only downside is its +1 random magic property; a preferred property is Life Stealing, but this is but a tiny occurrence compared to the many other possibilities.


Legendary Two-Handed Axe
  • 1051.9–1476.0 Damage Per Second
(917-1190)–(1187-1763) Damage
1.00 Attacks per Second
  • +143-286 Minimum Damage
  • +191-381 Maximum Damage
  • +41-50% Damage
  • Critical Hit Damage Increased by 132-200%
  • 95%-100% Chance on Hit to Inflict Bleed for 5825-6628 to 6825-13256 over 5 seconds
  • One of 3 Magic Properties (varies)
  • +1 Random Magic Properties
  • Empty Socket

"The demon L'Anzuul wielded his vile axe Skorn with great venom and wrath before he was brought low by the forces of Heaven."

Salvages intoEdit

Legendary Two-Handed Axes
The ExecutionerButcher's CarverMesserschmidt's ReaverFire BrandSkorn
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