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New Tristram tavern
The Slaughtered Calf Inn
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The Slaughtered Calf Inn is a location found in New Tristram in Diablo III. It is run by Bron the Barkeep. During the beginning of the game, Leah can be found here. She lives in a room of the inn that can be entered, rather than one in Cain's House.

When the player first talks to Leah, the sick people that are standing in the Inn will turn into Risen that the player has to defeat.

Walking into Leah's room will give you the 'Visit Somewhere Nice' achievement.

Trivia Edit

  • The inn's name is a reference to the "Slaughtered Lamb Inn" in World of Warcraft, which is located in the city of Stormwind and is the secret headquarters of the Warlocks Guild.
  • Bron the Barkeep will say "This is killing business" when you kill the Risen in the bar.

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